Ocean County Arts HS Course Descriptions

Acting (9th-12th Grade)

Students will be partnered with other students in the class to work on scripted scenes.  Through exercises and critical feedback the students will learn to develop interesting and truthful characters in a variety of settings and situations dictated by the written script.  THIS COURSE CAN BE TAKEN FOR COLLEGE CREDIT

Creative Writing (9th-12th Grade)

This class is designed for students who have already mastered a proficiency in writing fiction, plays or poetry.  This course is an on-going writer’s workshop in a professional setting.  Students are responsible for providing copies of their work to be read in class.  Students are also required to contribute to the annual Arts High literary publication and to submit a portfolio of their work on the last day of the course. THIS COURSE CAN BE TAKEN FOR COLLEGE CREDIT

Graphic Design (9th-12th Grade)

This course will introduce students to the industry-standard software. Students will experience the creative process of utilizing the computer as a tool for making art. Focus will be directed to how vector and raster images can be used as a communicative device for design and illustration.  THIS COURSE CAN BE TAKEN FOR COLLEGE CREDIT

Visual Arts (9th-12th Grade)

This course will focus on student painting and includes drawing, use of color, study of composition and form.  Specific historical movements of 20th Century art will be reviewed through art books and slides as reference points for the students’ own work.  THIS COURSE CAN BE TAKEN FOR COLLEGE CREDIT