Creative Writing (6th- 8th Grade)

This class explores various approaches to writing poetry, short stories, and plays.  We will search for memory, imagination, expression and creative language usage.  Students will work on plot and character development, dramatic expression, and will seek opportunities for performance in the classroom.  Students are expected to exhibit a love of reading, of sharing ideas, speaking out, and writing.  Literary works relative to the course will be discussed.

 Modern Dance (6th- 8th Grade)

This course covers the basic  fundamentals of Modern Dance, incorporating the basics of ballet with improvisational elements.  The first period consists of a regular dance technique class.  The second period concentrates on the elements of choreography through improvisation. The study of major choreographers and dance companies will be included, together with student reports and critiques.

Theatre Arts (6th- 8th Grade)

These Theatre Arts classes consist of developing the students’ basic acting tools – their voice and bodies as well as possibilities of expression.  Improvisation will help students loosen up and grow comfortable in front of an audience.

 Visual Arts (Drawing and Painting) (6th- 8th Grade)

The Drawing and Painting course will give serious students an opportunity to develop their technical skills and explore the creative process with a wide range of materials.  Different techniques and approaches will be introduced, helping the students to develop new methods of self-expression.